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Is there a Valheim PS4 and PS5 release date?

Valheim has a nostalgic and inviting look, plus, after just one week in early access, it’s already gaining a massive audience on PC. Naturally, PlayStation fans are wondering when they can explore the procedurally-generated purgatory of this Norse Viking survival title. But, is there a Valheim PS4 and PS5 release date? Here’s the need-to-know on a Sony console version from developer Iron Gate.

Is Valheim coming to PS4?

Valheim PS4

Valheim doesn’t feature cutting-edge visuals, which is likely part of its early access success. It’s more accessible to Steam users as a result, and the same could be said for any potential console versions. Although the PS4 is now a last-gen platform, it could realistically run Valheim without a hitch.

A Valheim PS4 port could launch at a later date. According to the Norse survival game’s developer, the team “won’t rule out console versions in the future.” With nothing off the table, a Valheim PS4 and PlayStation 4 Pro version may arrive somewhere down the line.

According to the game’s FAQ page, there are “no plans to release on other platforms” right now. Interestingly, however, it also notes that a Mac version could be developed “if there is any significant demand.” Considering the game’s runaway success, a PS4 version is already in high demand. Hopefully, that will help to sway the decision.

Is Valheim coming to PS5?

Valheim PS5

Iron Gate might release a Valheim PS5 version in the future. The developer “won’t rule out console versions” right now, so an eventual Valheim PlayStation 5 release date is possible.

The same goes for potential Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S versions of the game. Ultimately, those anticipating a Valheim console release can only wait to see what happens. It may, however, help to let the dev team and publisher know that there’s a demand in the meantime.

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