The Flash Fortnite Cup sees DC overthrow Marvel

Hot on the heels of an entirely Marvel-themed season, the next Fortnite Cup looks poised to partner with rival DC Comics instead. According to data miners, the Flash Cup is coming very soon and will give players a limited opportunity to earn the new Flash Fortnite skin for free.

How to unlock The Flash Fortnite skin

Flash Fortnite skin

The last season of Fortnite played host to tournaments featuring Black Widow, Ghost Rider, Venom, and more popular Marvel characters. Now, however, DC appears to be taking the reigns via the upcoming Fortnite Flash Cup. If the leak is correct, it’ll launch on Wednesday, February 10, 2021 and last for just a single day.

By participating in the Flash Cup and placing high enough, players can unlock The Flash Fortnite skin free of charge. Those that fail to qualify, or don’t participate, will be able to purchase the outfit from the in-game Item Shop when it launches at a later date.

At the time of writing, Epic Games hasn’t made any official announcements regarding the Flash Cup in Fortnite. That said, prolific data mainer Hypex has leaked the details ahead of time. Plans can change, of course, so do take it all with a pinch of salt.

If the info checks out, Epic should make an official announcement soon. At that time, the exact placement required to qualify for a free Fortnite Flash skin should become clear. In order to increase the chance of a high placement, users should seek out the best possible teammate. The Fortnite Flash Cup party size looks to be Duos, so picking the right partner and communicating in-game will be key.

Before then, check out the latest Fortnite patch notes to see all of the changes made and gain an edge over the competition. Struggling to download it on Nintendo Switch? Here’s how to update Fortnite on the handheld.

As well as crossing over with The Flash, Fortnite could be getting a Five Nights at Freddy’s collab soon.