Fortnite could get a frightening Five Nights at Freddy’s crossover

Hit indie horror game Five Nights at Freddy’s could soon be coming to Fortnite. Recent leaks indicate that a potential FNAF x Fortnite collab could be in the works, bringing animatronic skins to Epic Games’ battle royale title. According to data miners, a Freddy Fazbear skin or Foxy outfit may already be present within the game files.

FortniteFNAF | Are Five Nights at Freddy’s skins coming?

FNAF x Fortnite

Five Nights at Freddy’s quickly became a phenomenon when it launched as a small indie game back in 2014. It received tons of successful sequels in the following years, and a feature-length movie is currently in the works. Now, however, FNAF looks set to gain even more widespread exposure via a collaboration with Fortnite.

Leaked game files seem to suggest that a FortniteFNAF crossover is in the works. Data miner Hypex uncovered a hidden outfit with the code name “FrenchFry” and some associated creepy footstep sound effects. Epic commonly provides hints through the initials of code names — “TourBus” was the Tyler “Ninja” Blevins skin, for example —  so it could point towards a Freddy Fazbear or Foxy skin. The characters also work at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, which shares a fast food connection with the file name.

The footstep sound files (featured in the video above) sound somewhat heavy and metallic, which also supports the FNAF Fortnite theory. It’s important to remember that although both characters appear fuzzy on the outside, underneath is a metal skeleton powering the animatronic pizza mascots.

It certainly seems plausible that a Freddy Fazbear outfit is coming to Fortnite, though nothing has been confirmed just yet. If the speculation turns out to be true, it shouldn’t be long before Epic Games issues an official announcement.

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