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Fortnite 3.02 Update Patch Notes | Today, February 2

Fortnite 3.02 is now being rolled out across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Android. (iOS users are still stuck in limbo.) Also known as the 15.30 update, the new Fortnite patch for today, February 2, adds a good chunk of content for players to check out.

Fortnite 3.02 Update Patch Notes and Datamined Files

Fortnite 3.02 Update Patch Notes

As is now tradition, committed dataminers are quick to uncover what the new Fortnite 3.02 update adds and changes:

@FortTory discovered three new exotic weapons in the game files. These include the Burst Quad Launcher, the Chug Cannon, and the Frozen SMG. They all appear to be formidable guns, so it will be interesting to see how Epic Games adds them into rotation.

Manda is getting his own limited-time mode, according to another prominent dataminer, @ShiinaBR. Here’s a look at the playlist picture that will appear alongside the LTM, whenever it goes live.

@FortTory has information on how the Madalorian LTM will work:

@iFireMonkey tracked down a new umbrella. Perhaps this Beskar Umbrella will be awarded to victors of the Mando LTM?

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which is presumably why the Cuddle King and Lovely skins have been uncovered by @FortTory:

@iFireMonkey has compiled all of the new cosmetics found in the game files:

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