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How to update Fortnite on Nintendo Switch

To make the most out of Fortnite, you need to be running the latest version of the game. Access to online multiplayer and the latest in-game events is only possible with the most recent patch installed. Fortunately, the team at Nintendo has simplified the process of updating games on the Switch. Here’s what you need to do to install the latest Fortnite updates on the Nintendo Switch.

How to update Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch

How to update Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch - Manual and automatic

The Nintendo Switch is capable of automatically updating game software, including Fortnite. However, it’s possible to manually update Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch by following the standard software update procedure.

Here’s how to update Fortnite manually:

  1. From the Nintendo Switch home menu, highlight Fortnite
  2. Press the Plus (+) button on your controller
  3. Select Software Update, then choose to update Via the Internet

Once that’s done, the Switch will download the latest Fortnite update. When the download has finished, the patch will be installed automatically. Note that you will have to close the game in order for the installation to begin.

It’s worth mentioning that many games, particularly online titles such as Fortnite, require the latest update in order to join multiplayer. In these cases, it’s best to ensure that automatic updates have been enabled. Thankfully, Nintendo has made it easy to turn on automatic updates on the Switch:

  1. From the home menu, select the cog wheel icon to open System Settings
  2. Navigate to the System menu, then toggle Auto-Update Software to the On setting

Once this has been done, the system will download any game updates as they become available. The Nintendo Switch can even install the updates while the system is in rest mode. However, it won’t be able to install updates while Fortnite is running, even if it was open before the system was put into standby. In those cases, you’ll need to power on the Switch and close the game before the update can be installed.