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Valheim Chimney | How to get smoke out of your house

Building a chimney in Valheim is a necessity all players will eventually encounter. Unlike most with most survival games, Valheim models smoke correctly, and if it builds up, it’ll start causing damage. So, those who don’t want to perish from smoke inhalation will want to find a way to vent it out of their homes.

How to build a chimney in Valheim

Valheim Chimney Interior

To sleep in a bed in Valheim, a character has to be warm. Building a fire outside a wall and cheesing the system works in the short-term, but eventually, players will want to have fires inside. Once a player has been built inside, they’ll have to deal with smoke.

The solution to remove smoke from a player’s home in Valheim is to construct a chimney. A chimney can be as simple or elaborate as a player desires. In its simplest form, a chimney is just an enclosed passage leading vertically to open air.

No special materials are necessary to build a chimney in Valheim (though stone looks best), so players can construct one from wood. The most efficient way to do so is:

  • Use one of the walls of the house as the rear of the chimney.
  • Use wood wall segments to build a box upward through a hole in the roof.
  • Leave the lower front segment of the chimney open to the interior so players can still use the fire for cooking.

The instructions above will make a basic chimney which will prevent smoke from entering the interior of a house. However, there’s one last step needed for it to be complete. In Valheim, rain will extinguish fire, so the top of the chimney needs to be covered. For a basic chimney, just placing one of the angled roof panels will keep rain out while still allowing smoke to vent.

Building a basic chimney in Valheim isn’t too tough, but players can get inventive with the design. For example, multiple fireplaces can exhaust using one chimney. Be creative!