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Xbox FPS Boost List | Which games get a framerate boost on Xbox Series X|S

Microsoft has unveiled a new Xbox FPS Boost feature for its Xbox Series X|S consoles. This will allow some Xbox One games to have a boosted framerate when playing them on Xbox Series X|S. So far, the list of games that work with Xbox FPS boost is small, but it should be growing over the coming months.

What games work with Xbox FPS Boost?

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As of writing, five games have been updated to work with Xbox FPS Boost. However, this list should grow quickly as more patches are released to make games compatible with the feature.

The list of Xbox FPS Boost compatible titles is:

  • Far Cry 4: Up to 60fps at 1440×1080.
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale: Up to 4K at 120fps (Xbox Series X) or 1080p at 120fps (Xbox Series S).
  • Sniper Elite 4: Up to 60fps at 1080p.
  • UFC 4: Up to 60fps at 1800p (Xbox Series X) or 60fps at 900p (Xbox Series S).
  • Watch Dogs 2: Up to 60fps at 900p.

What does Xbox FPS Boost do?

Unlike with Xbox One X Enhanced or Optimized for Xbox Series X|S patches, the Xbox FPS Boost feature very specifically targets framerate only. That means that Watch Dogs 2, for example, runs at double the framerate but still displays at the 900p resolution it did on Xbox One.

From the language in the Xbox Wire post announcing the feature, it seems as though it’s Microsoft, not the game developers, who are building these patches. So, players shouldn’t expect visual improvements or new content alongside them. Fortunately, the boost is coming via adjusting the Direct3D API and not the games themselves, so any title should be a candidate for boosted FPS.

Alongside this new feature, a new menu will be available in the UI that will allow players to adjust things like Auto HDR and FPS Boost. The five games listed above will be available today. Microsoft stated it will release more patches soon, and players can look forward to new menu icons and system settings in an upcoming system update.