Box art - Mortal Shell

Are there next-gen Mortal Shell PS5 and Xbox Series X release dates?

Following the Mortal Shell closed beta on PC, gamers have been getting pretty excited about the upcoming Soulslike. Not only does it bring some interesting new mechanics to the genre, but it looks gorgeous while doing so. This has sparked demand for a next-gen Mortal Shell port; are we scheduled to get a Mortal Shell PS5 and Xbox Series X release, though? Keep scrolling for all the latest information.

Is Mortal Shell coming to PS5?

At the time of writing, no Mortal Shell PlayStation 5 version is planned. There’s no Mortal Shell PS5 release date for us to share as a result.

Developer Cold Symmetry responded to a fan on Twitter confirming that they don’t currently plan on making a next-generation version. As you can see in the embed below, when asked “Nothing to say at the moment regarding next-gen, right?” the game’s official account replied: “Currently only planned for Xbox One/PS4/PC, but never say never…”

The closing sentiment and accompanying ellipses clearly indicate that the possibility of next-gen Mortal Shell isn’t completely off the table, however. While promising, the statement shouldn’t be taken as any clear indication that it will definitely happen. If it doesn’t, it is at least possible that Mortal Shell will become one of the backward compatible PS4 games that’s playable on PS5.

Is Mortal Shell coming to Xbox Series X?

There are currently no plans regarding a Mortal Shell XSX version. As you’d imagine, no Mortal Shell Xbox Series X release date exists owing to that fact.

As mentioned above, the Mortal Shell developers confirmed on Twitter that they have no plans for a next-gen port at the moment. They did, however, also state that you should “never say never” to indicate that it could potentially happen someday. While the prospect of a dedicated Xbox Series X Mortal Shell release remains somewhat up in the air, we do know for sure that the Xbox One version will be fully playable via backward compatibility.