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Ori and the Blind Forest Xbox One Cheats


General Tips
  • Remember to set checkpoints to avoid losing a bunch of progress.
  • Focus more on defensive and utility abilities in the game. You will have to kill some enemies, but offense isn't quite as important as other games of the genre.
  • Keep an eye out for collectibles/upgrades. Experiment with abilities and try to reach areas that seem impossible to get to.
  • Be extra careful around spikes. It only takes a few hits to kill Ori, so platforming can often be the most dangerous enemy of all.
  • Look for items to destroy to receive spirit energy. Some doors are locked unless you have enough, so you want to have the max amount as much as possible.
  • Take on one enemy at a time if possible. Single enemies aren't particularly difficult, but fighting more than one at a time can be tricky.

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A New PathBreak open 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame
AirborneDouble Jump 5 times consecutively without touching the ground
Bash MasterBash off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground
Blast MasterKill 100 enemies with Charge Flame
Choices ChoicesUse your first ability point
Close CallEscape a dangerous situation
Combat MasterEarn all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree
Crushing BlowCrush a Ram with a Stomper
Deadly DashKill 5 enemies with Charge Jump
Deadly ReflectionKill 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles
Deadly DetonationKill 4 enemies simultaneously using Charge Flame.
Deadly DodgeTrick 5 enemies into killing another enemy
EliteComplete the whole game without using an Ability Point
Fight to live another dayHave a close encounter
Flame MasterKill 500 enemies with Spirit Flame
Flying FuryKill 3 enemies without touching the ground
Get back here!Discover the character in the shadows
Good EyeFind the lost corridor in the Misty Woods
Halfway ThereRestore 50% of all Map Stones
ImmortalComplete whole game without dying
Into the FireEnter Mt. Horu
Juggle MasterJuggle a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground
Let's Be FriendsMake an unexpected friend
LifesaverCreate 50 Soul Links
LoveA beloved bond
Marking the WayRestore your first Map Stone
Master GuardianCollect all Health Cells
Master of the ForestVisit 100% of the map
No Stone UnturnedFind all secrets
Obtaining ClarityClear the haze from the Misty Woods
PhenomEarn all skills in the Ability Tree
Power PlayerCollect 200 Energy Shards
PowerhouseCollect all Energy Cells
RekindleFan the flames
Rotten InsideEnter the Ginso Tree
Run for Your LifeCleanse the Ginso Tree's Heart
Safe and SoundSave at every Spirit Portal
Seasoned ExplorerFind 50% of all secrets
Self DestructionCause an enemy to destroy itself
So Many SecretsFind your first secret
Solid GroundRestore the winds of Nibel
Soul MasterEarn all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree
Stomp MasterKill 50 enemies with Stomp
SupersonicFinish the game in under 3 hours
The Ancient BeingMeet the Ancient Being
The Journey BeginsComplete the Prologue
The Journey EndsComplete the game
Top of the WorldClimb to the top of Nibel
Utility MasterEarn all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree
World at Your FeetRestore all Map Stones