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Valheim Mounts | Are there ridable animals?

Many want to know if Valheim has ridable mounts. Given the vast territory in each seed, one would think there’d be a horse or something for a Viking to ride. Surely Odin wouldn’t have a warrior sprint everywhere, right? We’ll discuss whether there are Valheim mounts or not below.

Does Valheim have mounts?

Valheim Longship

The good news for those who don’t want to sprint everywhere is that there are some mobility upgrades. Unfortunately, these are limited to water only in the form of boats. Valheim doesn’t currently have mounts, so land travel is stuck at the speed the character can run. There are two tamable animals in the game, the boar and the wolf, but neither of them can be mounted and rode.

It’s possible that a future update might bring ridable mounts to Valheim. The developer has a roadmap planned for the game already. However, details on upcoming patches haven’t been revealed. One of these may contain a horse or other animal for land travel. Alternatively, land vehicles might be introduced, like a Viking-era Jeep or a motorized version of the cart that’s currently in the game.

There’s plenty of room for additional content in Valheim, and given the enthusiasm the game has been met with, there’ll likely be plenty of updates for it. Even though the setting is relatively primitive, it is a magical realm, so we may even get ridable flying mounts, whether it be an animal or an airship of some sort.

For now, the best way to travel in Valheim is by building a Longship to explore. Players can then link places they want to revisit back to their bases using portals. Unfortunately, this method doesn’t work when players need to transport certain goods which are restricted from traveling through portals. However, the Longship has enough cargo space to transport a large amount of material.