Valheim 2021 roadmap promises four significant updates plus bonuses

Like any good early access game, Valheim has a roadmap detailing the content that the developers are aiming to deliver. This level of transparency is often appreciated by early access supporters, as it provides a plan of what’s to come. With Valheim, developer Iron Gate AB is planning four major updates with additional “If Odin Wills It” bonus features.

Valheim roadmap for 2021

Valheim Roadmap for 2021

  • Update 1
    • Hearth and Home
  • Update 2
    • Cult of the Wolf
  • Update 3
    • Ships and the Sea
  • Update 4
    • NEW BIOME – Mistlands
  • If Odin Wills It:
    • Multiplayer Interactions
    • Combat Improvements
    • Moon Phases
    • Tar Pits
    • Vendor Inventory Expansion
    • Svartalfr Brigands
    • More Unique Locations
    • Sandbox Mode
    • Munin

While there’s a relatively extensive list of features planned for the game in 2021, there’s no specific timeframe for when these updates will come to the game. Obviously it’s set to be during 2021, but there aren’t yet any target months or seasons provided.

The developer has only provided a title for each update, with no further details given. However, players can assume that the first update, “Hearth and Home,” will focus on home customization and fortification. The second update, “Cult of the Wolf,” is more mysterious. Update 3, however, clearly focuses on improving the ships and sailing. As for Update 4, that will add a brand new biome for players to explore.

With the game out now in Steam Early Access, eager players will be getting through the content available at release, before hungering for Update 1.

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