Say hello to the new ‘Valheim’ horse

(Image Credit: IronLisa at Iron Gate Studio)

The latest Valheim developer update introduces fans to a majestic new member of the team. Iron Gate has gifted “Valheim” the horse (pony, technically speaking) to Sköve Riding Club in Sweden. There, she’ll help people learn to ride and enjoy visits from those responsible for the game. Of course, the new dev update also contains some details on what’s coming to Valheim in future patches.

New Valheim Development Update: Horse and Hearth and Home details

Valheim horse

(Image Credit: IronLisa at Iron Gate Studio)

Iron Gate has unveiled a real “Valheim” horse, though notes that this isn’t an indication equine mounts are coming to the game. The extensive Hearth and Home expansion is still in the works and “starting to take shape,” as the devs finalize new in-game items and mechanics.

While the Valheim Hearth and Home expansion is reportedly coming along nicely, there are “many more things” to do before it’s ready to launch. As a result, there’s still no exact Valheim Hearth and Home release date. While some users are starting to find the long wait somewhat frustrating, it’s best for everyone in the long run. Iron Gate “don’t want to rush it” and end up releasing something that does them, the game, and its community a disservice.

In signing off, the Valheim devs once again offer fans a tiny glimpse of some upcoming game assets. Take a look right here, though, as ever, there isn’t much to go on. The second image could be a trellis window or fence, maybe? Time will eventually reveal all as these Valheim item teases make their way into the live build via free updates.

Recent Valheim patches have addressed some big issues. Ships and structures don’t randomly break anymore, some enemies have been given a visual makeover, and the overhauled harpoon is now better than ever.

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