Next Valheim update to give enemies a much-needed makeover

New details on the next Valheim patch are here, courtesy of developer Iron Gate. The studio’s April 2021 development update reveals that visual upgrades are on the way, which aim to spruce up some of the in-game enemy models. Additionally, development is still “moving forward” on the sizable Hearth and Home expansion. Here’s a full breakdown of the latest Valheim patch notes preview.

Valheim patch notes preview for April 2021

Valheim patch notes preview visual updates

The next Valheim update will overhaul the appearance of trolls and two bosses. It may also include “tweaks and fixes” to improve the overall game experience, as this is an area that the dev team is still focusing on.

Iron Gate is leaving its Elder and Bonemass boss redesigns as a surprise, though the troll upgrade is above. By comparison to the doughy original, this new Valheim troll model boasts far greater visual detail. In particular, the redesign has more hair, nails, and defined musculature from lugging that huge club around.

While it isn’t due to arrive in the next patch, Iron Gate also gave Valheim fans an update on the upcoming Hearth and Home expansion. This large-scale update is a staple of the content roadmap and will feature “new mechanics and new items” when it eventually rolls out. Iron Gate plans to release Valheim Hearth and Home in 2021.

Valheim fans can visit the community update post for a minor teaser on what’s to come in Hearth and Home. Good luck to anyone trying to figure the pair of clues out, as, at the time of writing, the comments section is none the wiser.

While waiting on the next Valheim update, be sure to download the latest version via Steam for Windows and Linux. The update improves load times and, as a result, also prevents the random destruction of ships and buildings.

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