Roblox fans aren’t happy about the new cursor update

A controversial new Roblox patch just changed the in-game mouse cursor. The update isn’t a huge one, but regardless, fans aren’t too happy about the all-new pointer icon. Players are searching for the old Roblox cursor online, mostly in an effort to see if they can get it back. Who knew that adding a tail and softening the pointy corners of an on-screen cursor could prove so divisive.

How to get rid of the new Roblox cursor (2021)

old Roblox cursor

Getting the old Roblox cursor back is quick and easy with these simple steps:

  1. Right-click the “Roblox Player” application.
  2. Select “Open file location.”
  3. Open the “content” folder, followed by the “textures” folder.
  4. Scroll down to find the “ArrowCursor.png” and “ArrowFarCursor.png” files.
  5. Copy both files, then scroll up and open the “Cursors” folder.
  6. Next, open the “KeyboardMouse” folder and paste the copied files.
  7. When prompted, select “Replace the files in this destination.”
  8. Close the File Explorer window and launch Roblox.

Users will now see the old Roblox cursor appear in-game, rather than the new pointer. For any visual learners, YouTuber GEV has a great video walkthrough that might prove helpful.

This 2021 Roblox cursor update isn’t the first to hit the game. The original Roblox cursor was long and cartoonish, though in 2013 its replacement came onto the scene; that pointer is the short and sharp one that current players know and love. Roblox Corporation’s new cursor refresh is like a mix of the two, though it isn’t sitting well with a lot of players. It’s probably just a case of getting comfortable with the change, though, for fans that can’t, it’s easy to switch back.

After swapping the new Roblox cursor back to the old one, it’s time to play some games! Shonen Verse is a popular anime crossover title, and there are plenty of Roblox codes to redeem.

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