YouTube Simulator creator reveals secret cheats in hit Roblox game

One of the most popular games in Roblox right now is YouTube Simulator, from developer Indieun. In a meta turn of events, Indieun is also the self-proclaimed “best” Roblox YouTuber and makes video guides for his own game. These include revealing secrets and cheats that nobody else is aware of, like hidden rooms, cosmetics, and items. There are also several redeemable YouTube Simulator Roblox codes for players to enter in-game for exclusive rewards.

Complete YouTube Simulator Roblox codes list (2021)

YouTube Simulator Roblox codes

Here’s a full list of YouTube Simulator Roblox codes to redeem:

  • gun — Unlock a gun
  • minigun — Unlock a minigun
  • DOUBLEJUMP — Gain the double jump ability
  • ROOBYBUTTON — Get a Ruby Play Button
  • OBESE — Make the player character gain weight
  • Milk — Get milk
  • FREERED — Get free red
  • FREEGREEN — Get free green
  • Spongeb0b — Unlock the SpongeBob reward

In order to redeem Roblox codes in YouTube Simulator, simply click the Twitter icon in-game before entering and confirming the code(s) exactly as they appear in the above list.

There are also plenty of rewards that players can unlock during gameplay; below are some of the best YouTube Simulator cheats and secrets to find in Roblox.

Youtube Simulator Hidden Door: How to get the Secret Camera upgrade

  1. Enter the in-game “UPGRADES” store, then turn around.
  2. Looking at the top of the door frame, click the second panel to the right.
  3. Walk into the hidden room to discover the Secret Camera in YouTube Simulator.

How to get free Tokens in YouTube Simulator

  1. Access the in-game “UPGRADES” store, then run to the very back.
  2. Looking at the left wall, click the third full panel on the second row from the bottom.
  3. Click the red button, then collect the free Token that appears.

Youtube Simulator Yeezys: How to get Adidas Boost sneakers

  1. Access the in-game space upgrade menu.
  2. Enter “6969” as the desired upgrade amount.
  3. Complete the purchase to get a huge pair of Yeezy Boost shoes.

Check out Indieun’s insightful YouTube video to see these tricks (and more) in action.

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