Calling the Fortnite alien phone number is a scary experience

Epic Games seems to be teasing something otherworldly for Fortnite‘s upcoming seventh season. Select content creators are receiving promotional packages, amongst the contents of which is a mysterious phone number. Calling the Fortnite alien phone number gets a terrifying response, which has many players eager to dial it for themselves.

How to hear the Fortnite alien phone call

Fortnite alien phone number

The Fortnite alien phone number is 1 (575) 291-7617. To hear the Fortnite alien message, dial this number and listen to the recorded call.

The phone number seemingly originates from northwestern New Mexico, in a possible nod to Roswell. That location is famous for being home to the “Roswell Incident” and, resultingly, is a hotbed for conspiracy theories.

Unfortunately, some locations might not get through when calling the Fortnite alien number. Should that happen, simply listen to the spooky extraterrestrial message below.

What does calling the Fortnite alien phone number do?

Calling the Fortnite alien phone number

Calling the Fortnite alien phone number (1 (575) 291-7617) prompts a creepy pre-recorded message to play. The message contains alien sound effects and radio static, along with a distorted voice that says “There’s something weird going on.”

Updates to the Fortnite alien phone number contain all-new dialogue, with callers hearing different messages at different points.

All Fortnite alien phone number messages

The messages tell an ongoing story and appear to be an elaborate publicity stunt by Fortnite developer Epic Games. Why? It’s seemingly all in an effort to drum up interest for the impending launch of Chapter 2 Season 7. Leaks indicate that the new Fortnite season could have an alien theme, which naturally ties into the content of these messages.

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