New Valheim update makes settlements safe from trolls

The new Valheim update, patch 0.156.2, is out now on PC via Steam for Windows and Linux. It contains just a single upgrade, though it’s a pretty big one. Enemies will now always target other creatures and/or players before attacking important structures. This makes the homesteads and settlements that players build much safer, potentially saving hours of resource gathering and construction. There are some finer details to the tweak, which Iron Gate detail in the complete Valheim 0.156.2 update patch notes.

Full Valheim 0.156.2 update patch notes list

Valheim 0.156.2 update patch notes

Here are the Valheim update 0.156.2 patch notes in full:

  • A.I. tweaks
    • Monsters should always target creatures, including players, first if they have a clear path
    • Enemies should only attack low priority structures (walls, etc.) if they are unable to reach a player

In essence, this means that while there are living players enemy creatures should no longer attack major structures in Valheim 0.156.2 and above. Enemies will still destroy minor structures, like walls, if they obstruct the direct path to a player. In order to avoid this, users can attempt to position themselves so that there are no low priority structures between them and aggressive monsters.

This latest Valheim patch carries a similar theme to some of the previous game updates. Past patches have made improvements to the survivability of structures, in addition to implementing some enemy design overhauls. By tweaking monsters’ artificial intelligence in this instance, developer Iron Gate has essential implemented upgrades in both areas with one “tiny” Valheim A.I. update.

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