New Valheim update 0.153.2 overhauls enemies and harpoons

Iron Gate’s new Valheim update is out today, May 12. The patch gives several different enemy types a visual overhaul, plus makes the harpoon mechanics “less rubberband-y” than before. That’s not all, hthough, as Valheim 0.153.2 also includes bug fixes and stability improvements to boost the quality of life.

Valheim 0.153.2 update patch notes list

new Valheim update 0.153.2

Here’s everything new in the Valheim 0.153.2 update on PC:

  • Harpoon mechanics overhauled
  • Large creature visual overhauls — Elder boss, Bonemass boss, and troll
  • Engine updated (some stability improvements)
  • Inventory screen gamepad focus fix
  • Fixed a smelter issue that occurs when a long time has passed since visiting (10,000+ days)
  • Fixed issues when crafting stations are destroyed while in use
  • Creature group spawning adjusted to avoid spawning over the total limit
  • Pre-world save warning added
  • Stone stair physics fix
  • Troll ragdoll material fix
  • Draugr archer visual fixes
  • Localization updates
  • Credits updated

Valheim patch 0.153.2 is available to download and install now, via Steam for Windows and Linux.

A sneak peek at the new Valheim troll model is available here. The developer is keeping its two boss redesigns under wraps, so players will need to jump back into the game to see the new Elder and Bonemass enemy models for themselves.

While the harpoon can be incredibly useful, by the developer’s own admission, the in-game mechanics never felt quite right. One of the biggest 0.153.2 Valheim update changes looks to address this issue. Now, using the harpoon should feel more like reeling in a rope than twanging a piece of elastic.

Of course, the Valheim engine update to improve stability is also universally welcome. Additionally, the game’s controller support continues to improve with an upgrade to inventory management while using a gamepad. Players have been citing this as an issue for a while now, with many fearing that improved Valheim controller support might not arrive until the full launch out of Early Access.

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