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Is there full Valheim controller support?

Valheim is big news on PC right now, but, with no console versions out, there’s some concern from gamepad users. Steam lists “Partial Controller Support” for Valheim on Windows and Linux, though what exactly does that mean? Here’s the need-to-know on full Valheim controller support for PC via Steam.

Does Valheim have full controller support on PC?

Valheim controller support

Although most PC gamers like to use a mouse and keyboard, considering it a perk of the platform, a growing number of users prefer to substitute KB&M for a joypad. That goes especially for third-person games, like Valheim. Problem is, these gamers don’t always get full controller support in games. So, is that the case with developer Iron Gate’s new Norse Viking survival title?

Valheim features controller support as standard on PC. Steam lists Valheim as having “Partial Controller Support,” though many players have encountered no issues and argue that the game essentially has full controller functionality. Since Valheim is currently in early access, its gamepad support should continue to improve over time.

Of course, it’s worth noting that it hasn’t been smooth sailing for all Valheim controller users so far. As noted on Reddit, some are having trouble getting Valheim to recognize the PS5 DualSense controller. Elsewhere, players are having to recruit the mouse in order to complete functions like dropping items and repairing tools.

The above Valheim controller issues aren’t universal, though could be the kind of niggles that led Steam to brand the game with its “Partial Controller Support” label. Again, the survival game isn’t finished yet so this kind of issue is normal before Valheim 1.0 eventually goes gold.

Valheim shot to success following its February 2, 2021 launch via the Steam Early Access program. Accessibility was a large part in that, with the game having low PC requirements and allowing users to play solo, cooperatively, or competitively.

There’s plenty more content on the way to keep players engaged, too. The Valheim 2021 roadmap outlines what’s next for the popular survival game.