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Valheim Multiplayer | Is there online co-op and PvP?

Valheim is taking the gaming world by storm, with positive word of mouth playing no small part in that. Players are recommending the game to all of their pals, but, can it be played online with friends? Is there cooperative and competitive play? Here’s the lowdown on co-op and PvP Valheim multiplayer support for PC.

Does Valheim have co-op multiplayer?

Is Valheim co-op

Valheim has co-op multiplayer for up to 10 players. Users can invite a maximum of nine friends to their Valheim server, allowing fans of the game to enjoy cooperative gameplay online with others.

It’s also possible to play Valheim co-op over the internet with random players. When setting up a dedicated server, users simply need to turn the “Community Server” feature on to make it accessible to the general public. The server will also appear in manual searches, though some players are having trouble locating servers in the list.

Does Valheim have competitive PvP multiplayer?

Is Valheim PvP

Valheim has a competitive PvP multiplayer component. Player damage is off by default, though by navigating to the inventory screen and clicking the icon with two swords in the top-right corner, users can enable PvP damage. To engage in competitive versus fights online with friends, all participants must follow this process and receive the in-game Valheim “PVP-damage enabled” message.

How to PvP in Valheim

  1. Boot up the game and load into gameaplay.
  2. Open the inventory screen, then click the icon with two swords in the top-right corner.
  3. The swords will cross and the “PVP-damage enabled” notification will appear.
  4. After any willing participents on the server also enable player damage, users can engage in competitive versus bouts.

Is Valheim cross-play multiplayer?

Is Valheim cross-play

Yes, Valheim has cross-play multiplayer. The game is available on Windows and Linux PCs, with users on each operating system able to play co-op and PvP online together.

Right now, the game isn’t available on additional platforms. Here’s the need-to-know on potential future Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox versions.