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Is there a Valheim Mac release date?

Norse Viking game Valheim is taking Steam for Windows and Linux by storm right now. Naturally, that’s got Apple Mac users wondering if developer Iron Gate will show them some love. But, are there any actual plans to launch a Valheim Mac port? Here’s the need-to-know on a Macintosh version release date.

Is Valheim coming to Mac?

Valheim Mac

With Linux and Windows covered, Mac is the only mainstream OS where users can’t play Valheim on their computer. Although most users don’t buy Macs for their gaming capabilities, not bringing Valheim to the platfrom seems like a missed opportunity. The visuals are simple and nostalgic, which not only gives the game wide appeal but also means it should be easy for most Apple Macs to run.

A Valheim Mac version will release if there is “any significant demand” from fans. The developer is completely open to making an Apple Mac port, though Macintosh gamers will need to do their part by convincing the team it’s a worthwhile pursuit. If all goes well, a Valheim Mac release date should be announced in due course.

The Valheim FAQ contains the developer’s thoughts on a potential Valheim Mac launch. It seems as though the dev team would prioritize bringing the Norse Viking survival game to Apple Mac over Xbox and PlayStation. Hopefully, that means a Mac version will release sooner rather than later, should it get the green light.

Iron Gate last updated its FAQ on January 18, which was several days before the Valheim February 2, 2021 release date. At the time, the devs were most likely unaware of the explosive growth that Valheim was about to experience. As a result, it’s entirely possible that the level of demand to greenlight a Valheim Macintosh port has already been met. It’s only possible to speculate on that, though.

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