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How to fix Valheim dedicated server not showing up

Valheim lets players conquer a Norse environment with up to nine other users, but playing online with friends isn’t always easy. Many are running into the annoying Valheim dedicated server not showing up issue. Is there an easy fix for the connection problem, though? Here’s the lowdown on how to solve the Valheim server not showing up on PC bug.

What is the Valheim server not showing up fix?

Valheim dedicated server not showing up

The new Norse Viking survival game from Iron Gate, Valheim, is currently in early access. Glitches are common in unfinished games, but having a dedicated server not show up is especially irritating. Not being able to access the appropriate server means that players can lose access to their items and structures, which is far from ideal.

In Valheim, dedicated servers are hosted by players. In order for a server to be discoverable and joinable by other users, the “Community Server” option must be checked during the Valheim server creation process. The creator then acts as a host and must be online, actively playing Valheim on the server for others to be able to join.

Dedicated Valheim server not appearing in the list fix

  1. Ensure that the “Community Server” option is on.
  2. Make sure that there are no typos when searching the server name.
  3. Check that the server host is online and playing Valheim on their dedicated server.
  4. If the server still doesn’t appear, reboot the game and search again.
  5. No luck? Have the server host reboot Valheim and then try once more.

Hopefully, as Valheim nears completion, the online connectivity will improve. For now, however, disappearing servers are just one quirk of playing the game in early access on Steam.

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