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Valheim Bans | Is downloading and using a cheat engine safe?

Valheim has only been out in early access for a week, but it’s already immensely popular. With some players racing to the finish, the available cheat engines seem pretty tempting. But, are Valheim bans incoming for cheat engine users? Here’s the latest on whether or not cheating is safe in the new Norse Viking survival title.

Does Valheim ban cheat engine users?

Valheim bans cheat engine

The Valheim community has wasted no time developing, launching, downloading, and using cheat engines. Although some players are using them to cheat their way to the top, others might simply want to avoid certain aspects like survival and crafting mechanics. In either situation, what is developer Iron Gate’s stance on cheat engines in Valheim?

Valheim players are able to use a variety of console commands to cheat and make the game easier (or harder), without fear of repercussions. On the other hand, it isn’t clear if Valheim cheat engine users will be banned at this early stage. Cheat engine users in online games generally do receive bans, but only time will tell if the new Norse survival game follows suit.

With Valheim currently in early access on PC via Steam for Windows and Linux, the stance could change over time. When Valheim 1.0 launches, it’s unlikely the developers will be willing to let players cause havoc. Right now, using cheats could impact the experience for other players, so bans will be expected even though the game is in Early Access.

It’s also worth noting that Valheim players can ban other users through the use of console commands. Due to that fact, it’s very possible that cheaters will be banned from servers featuring people that wish to play legitimately.

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