Valheim Thor Easter egg reveals the Norse god of thunder

Valheim‘s Norse setting just got all the more exciting. Players have discovered a Thor Easter egg that sees the god of thunder fly across stormy skies, propelled by his hammer Mjolnir. For many, the hunt is now on to locate the ancient Norse deity with deep ties to modern pop culture.

Valheim: How to find the Thor Easter egg

Valheim Thor Easter egg

Surviving the harsh enemies and climates of Valheim can be tough, so a visit from Thor is a real pick-me-up. The god of lightning, thunder, and storms appears randomly during specific in-game weather conditions. A flyover can be easy to miss, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye on the sky whenever the spawn conditions are just right.

To find Thor in Valheim, players first need to defeat the game’s fourth boss. After beating Moder, simply wait for stormy weather conditions for a chance to see Thor. During a thunderstorm, it’s possible that the Thor Easter egg will play out as a random encounter. Blue lightning cracks the skies as the Norse god of thunder flies overhead with Mjolnir, his iconic hammer.

Players first got a glimpse of Thor in Valheim not long after the game’s Steam Early Access launch, as seen below. Now that more players have progressed past Modor, however, the buzz surrounding this godly cameo is just starting to grow. It’s quite appropriate, really, what with Easter just around the corner.

I think I saw Thor?? from valheim

Valheim isn’t a finished product, so it’s possible that Thor will play a larger role in the final game. Although developer Iron Gate’s content roadmap doesn’t outline anything of the sort, fans would certainly like to see more Norse mythology worked into the challenging survival title.

Although Valheim’s final release might still be a way off, there are already plenty of mods. Perhaps most notably, there’s a first-person mode that pairs particularly well with the VR modification.