Xbox Series S xScreen lets you game on the go

By now, plenty of fans have managed to get their hands on the Xbox Series S. But half a year on, a new way to harness your Xbox console might be on its way. Announced today is the xScreen, an unofficial peripheral that’ll let you plug your console into an external screen, and play on the go.

Xbox Series S xScreen Kickstarter start date

Xbox Series S xScreen

The XScreen Kickstarter start date is July 7, 2021. Once live, backers will be able to put money down in the hopes of fully funding the product.

When it’s ready for release, the xScreen will retail at $249. While it’s not a totally wireless experience, it’s certainly an exciting development in the portability of next-gen consoles.

The Xbox Series S xScreen is a peripheral being made by UPspec Gaming. It’s similar in concept to the portable PS2 handhelds that did the rounds in the mid-2000s. With the xScreen, you clip the device onto the back of your Xbox Series X, revealing a laptop-like screen you can flip up. From there, your console will look like a pretty chunky beast, but crucially, it’ll let you play Xbox with more freedom.

It is worth noting, though, that the xScreen won’t make your Xbox Series S totally portable. You’ll still need to plug the console into mains power, but it does save the need for an HDMI connection. Therefore, it might not be useful if you’ve got a long road trip and fancy some Halo – but playing Xbox in bed should be a much easier feat from now on. Equally, it’s only compatible with the disc-less Xbox Series S – meaning Series X owners will have to miss out.

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