Apex Legends season 10 teaser dates found in data mine

The endlessly popular battle royale game Apex Legends is again getting larger. Recent leaked data, mined by renowned leaker KralRindo, reveals the supposed release date of teasers for Apex Legends season 10. It also might hint at different in-game events to build anticipation for the new season.

When is the Apex Legends season 10 teasers release date?

Apex Legends season 10 teasers

According to the leaks from KralRindo, we can expect Apex Legends season 10 teasers to start on July 15, 2021. It’s worth making clear that this isn’t the expected season 10 release date, but rather when the in-game promotional campaign will start. The leaks have it down in three separate “phases” – starting on July 15. From there, phase 2 kicks off on July 18, and phase three on July 20. It’s unclear what each of these phases will consist of, but you can bet they’ll involve in-game teasers and promo.

Of course, just because there are teasers in the game, it doesn’t mean we’ll see season 10 just yet. The usual gap between Apex Legends seasons is around 91 days, which would place season 10’s release around the start of August. Until developers Respawn Entertainment gives us a concrete date, it’s all speculation.  That said, we know for certain that we’ll get our first teasers of season 10 – probably including hints at the theme and new characters – around the start of next month.

The leak from KralRindo also sets a July 17 date for the “active” phase of season 9, episode 4. Whether this will comprise of new content is yet to be seen – equally, it could just be rogue data within the leak. Only time, and news from Respawn, will tell.

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