Rumor: GTA 6 may not be out until 2025 and will return to Vice City

Rumors of a GTA 6 2025 release date have begun spreading across the internet, following a video by leaker Tom Henderson. In addition to suggesting fans won’t see the game until 2025, the latest rumors state the GTA 6 setting will be Vice City with a Fortnite-style evolving map. While fans are undoubtedly tired of the many GTA 6 rumors, this one matches other whispers about the game.

What are the rumors of a GTA 6 2025 release date?

GTA 6 2025 release date

The video from Tom Henderson — best known for leaks regarding Battlefield 2042 and Call of Duty on his YouTube channel — is a compilation of all the rumors the leaker has heard regarding GTA 6, the most important being that the game won’t be out until around 2025. Henderson says that the reason the release date is so far out is that Rockstar is putting more emphasis on employee wellbeing following reports of bad crunch conditions, plus it wants current-gen consoles to become more widely available.

Additionally, Grand Theft Auto 6 will supposedly feature a return to Vice City, albeit in the present-day rather than the 1980s, and the next GTA Online will feature an evolving map in the style of Fortnite. The single-player campaign will also have multiple characters again like GTA 5, and one of them will be female and be “essentially the bright one in the group,” according to Henderson, and is responsible for hacking and technology.

All of this runs contrary to previous statements from publisher Take-Two promising to release Rockstar games more frequently, although the publisher was also targeting a major release for around the 2023/2024 period in a report from last year — which even Henderson suggested previously, so may have slipped.

This isn’t the first set of rumors fans have heard about GTA 6 and it certainly won’t be the last as they just keep on coming — even if Rockstar is the one fuelling them. For now though, everyone should calm down and take every rumor with a grain of salt, as Tom Henderson states at the beginning of the video.