GTA 6 trends after GTA Online teases a mysterious new island

A new teaser from Rockstar games has revealed what appears to be a new GTA Online island, apparently showing a new addition for the GTA 5 multiplayer mode in what may be the game’s biggest update ever. However, such a big tease has also caused GTA 6 to trend, with players wondering when Rockstar will announce its next game.

Earlier this year, Rockstar Games promised players “the biggest ever update for GTA Online” which would include at least one new Heist in a brand-new location for a game that has sold an astonishing number of copies. Now, it seems that a quick first look at this new location may have just been released as part of a teaser.

GTA Online reveals new island and ‘El Rubio Dossier’ in teaser

The story and missions in GTA Online take place before and after the events of GTA 5, opening the door for expanding the available locations to players.  The teaser opened with some very quick images from the “El Rubio Dossier” with little context or explanation. As “El Rubio” is Spanish for “The Blond,” this may be referring to a new character that will be introduced in this update.

Players also got to glimpse several new locations including a massive new mansion and some kind of farm next to the water. Several keen-eyed players noted that none of these images match locations that are already in the game which could mean that a brand-new island is being added to the game for online players to enjoy.

As Rockstar Games noted earlier in the year, this update will also add the third post-launch Heist for the game. Previous updates included the Doomsday Heist with a game-breaking Orbital Cannon and the Diamond Casino Heist with a secret, alcohol-fueled mission. These updates show that Rockstar Games tends to add a lot of game-changing content when it adds new Heists, so players will probably have a lot to look forward to with this update.

No further details were released alongside the teaser video and Rockstar Games has not yet announced a release date for the apparent new island or new Heist. Considering the timing of this teaser, the odds are looking good that players will get to enjoy this new update before the end of 2020.

GTA 6 trends after GTA Online teaser

After Rockstar made the announcement that GTA Online would receive this new update, GTA 6 promptly began trending on Twitter. Unfortunately, this trend wasn’t related to an announcement from the developer, but was instead the result of players wondering when the sequel will be revealed.

The new GTA Online tease indicates that Rockstar hasn’t yet finished with its bank-rolling multiplayer mode, so it seems that GTA 6 will still be a way off. Until then, players will be able to enjoy this mysterious new island whenever it launches.