GTA Online Diamond Casino Secret Mission | How to access by getting drunk

Grand Theft Auto V stays incredibly popular thanks to the constant updates to its online side, GTA Online. The latest big expansion to GTA Online was the long-awaited Diamond Casino and Resort, which finally added the long-promised casino to the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard. Along with the new building are a range of new missions and activities, but players have also discovered a secret one too. Here’s how to access the GTA Online Diamond Casino secret mission, what you need for it, and what you get for completing it compared to the other casino missions. The good news is: you’ll have to get very, very drunk to proceed.

What is the GTA Online Diamond Casino secret mission?

There have been many new missions added to GTA Online with the Diamond Casino and Resort DLC, including a load of smaller casino missions to earn money. However, one mission is secret, because it cannot be accessed or found through the usual ways, such as calling up Ms. Baker. In fact, this mission can only be found and completed one way: by drinking copious amounts of whisky. Now that sounds like our kind of mission! Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as just getting drunk, however.

What do you need to access the secret mission?

Other than drinking a lot, what do you need to do to see this secret casino mission? The first thing you absolutely have to have is the Master Penthouse, which gives VIP Membership status, High-Limit tables, and access to the game’s co-op story missions. However, it also gives access to the smaller GTA Online casino missions, which are short, random missions that you can earn a bit of money on your own.

To get these, host and play the first story mission Loose Cheng, and once you’ve got the casino’s owner back you can call up Ms. Baker at any time with your phone to get a casino mission. While you’ll need to have got to this stage first, you can’t just phone up Ms. Baker to get the secret mission, even if they are random. That’s why it’s a secret. Instead, as mentioned, you’ll have to get drunk. Very drunk.

How do you access the GTA Online Diamond Casino secret mission?

At last we get to the fun part, but as usual with getting drunk on whisky, it’s not as straightforward as it sounds. To start with, head to either the main Diamond Casino bar or your private bar in the Master Penthouse, as long as it’s in the casino and serves alcohol. Specifically, you’ll need to start drinking shots of Macbeth Whisky, as many as you can take. It should be free for you at this point. It shouldn’t take long for you to black out, which is where the fun begins.

Every time you get drunk from this particular whisky, you’ll find your character waking up in completely different locations each time. This can be totally random. You can end up in your apartment, the penthouse, outside the casino, in the bathroom, and more fun points. You’ll know you’ve got the secret mission when you wake up a little far away from the casino, paramedics are waking you, and you get an angry phone call from Ms. Baker. If you don’t get that, you’ll have to return to the bar and start drinking Macbeth whisky again. Keep repeating until you succeed, or die from alcohol poisoning. It can take a while unfortunately, as it’s completely random whether you get it.

How do you complete the secret mission?

After you’ve taken this long to get access to the secret casino mission, and completely destroyed your liver in the process, surely the mission itself is one of the toughest and most interesting activities in GTA Online, right? Surprisingly enough, no, not really. You’ll simply be tasked with driving the delivery truck, which should be parked right next to you, all the way back to the Diamond Casino and Resort. It’s made a little bit more difficult by the fact that you character is still probably very drunk, but otherwise you’ll just need to make it back to the casino with the truck intact. If you’re playing on a public server this could be extremely difficult, but if not, it’ll be straightforward. Just try not to blow it up.

What do you get for completing the secret mission?

In terms of physical rewards, what you get for completing this mission is more than a little disappointing, especially considering how secret it is. It’s also worth pointing out that the way you access the secret mission is very similar to an Easter egg released with last year’s After Hours nightclub DLC, where getting drunk on Macbeth whisky could possibly net you a secret T-shirt with “Kifflom” on it. Here however, completing the secret mission will merely get you $6500, the same reward you get for completing one of the regular casino missions.

So why bother going after this secret mission at all, if that’s all you get for it? The real reward is an extra conversation with Ms. Baker, where she describes the obscene things you got up to while you were drunk. It’s pretty amusing.

Are there any bugs related to this secret mission?

Actually yes. While there are no bugs specifically connected with the mission itself, getting drunk on Macbeth whisky can lead to the game’s graphics becoming completely messed up. It’s only temporary, however, so just leave the game and come back in and it should be back to normal. Now you can get back to drinking again.