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GTA V Nightlife DLC: What’s Changed in the GTA Online After Hours Update?

Rockstar aren’t ones to skimp on Grand Theft Auto V content. Its new GTA Online After Hours update has just launched and there’s more than enough to send your head into a neon-infused spin. So, let’s break it down (and not in the dancing way) and highlight the newest features. Everything from Nightclub Management to your Nightclub Warehouse is touched upon to help you make sense of the grooviest update to GTA this side of Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA Online After Hours: Nightclub Management

This is going to be your bread-and-butter when it comes to the After Hours update. You now own your own nightclub. Yay. But it’s not that easy: you have to undertake several missions to help prop up your club. That includes the likes of grabbing a sound system (through any means necessary) to blast out the banging tunes; hire security staff and a resident DJ, plus many more. The update has only just launched so the multitude of missions still lay before us, but all promise to add to the game’s online offering in a big way.

GTA Online After Hours: What is the Nightclub Warehouse?

Fed up of juggling businesses? Worry no longer. The Nightclub Warehouse, which can be found to the rear of your venue, allows you to have a hold of all of your business from one main hub.

GTA Online After Hours: Unlock the Exclusive Gay Tony T-Shirt

Tony Price, from the aforementioned Ballad of Gay Tony returns in style as your right-hand-man/financier. There’s even an exclusive Gay Tony T-shirt to get your mitts on. To unlock it, you simply have to log in to GTA Online by Monday, July 30 and the newest threads will be in your wardrobe.

GTA Online After Hours: Other Changes

For the full list of other changes, including seven new exclusive vehicles coming to the game as well as various guest list rewards and several discounts, head on over to the Rockstar After Hours page where it’s all laid out in painstaking detail. See you on the dancefloor.