GTA 6 rumors heat up with new secret Rockstar video

GTA 6 rumors are brewing once again with some recent changes made to Rockstar Games’ website… along with a new private video that may be our first look at Grand Theft Auto 6.

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First up is a tweet from longtime GTA leaker @Yan2295 which shows off new artwork from Rockstar Games (seen in our header image). Notably, the champagne bottle is from the year 1998 — the year that the first Grand Theft Auto game released for the PlayStation in North America.

That’s not all, though! reports on something interesting noticed by the company’s obsessive fans. Until recently, Rockstar Games had 258 videos on their YouTube channel. Now, they have 259 — and no new video was released as far as anyone can tell. This means that there is likely a new private video opened which could be the precursor to a big announcement.

Will these GTA 6 rumors pan out? We could just be seeing a new update for GTA 5, or maybe something cool like a remastered edition of the first game. We’ll surely find out more in the coming weeks.