GTA 6 needs to stop trending on Twitter for the good of humankind

GTA 6 is trending on Twitter again. No, Rockstar isn’t developing Grand Theft Auto 6 — some sick individuals keep making the as-yet-unconfirmed sequel trend, convincing everyone that an announcement has been made. This must stop.

It seems like every week now GTA 6 starts trending on Twitter, which then leads to people tweeting their confusion at the trend, which then leads to more tweets. It’s a vicious, neverending cycle, forcing us to repeatedly sit down in front of our mirrors and apply our clown makeup.

Why is GTA 6 trending?

This time around, it seems that GTA 6 is trending because GTA 5’s PS5 and Xbox Series X release date has been announced. The “expanded and enhanced” versions of the game will launch on November 11, 2021, Rockstar Games has confirmed. This marks the fourth time this game has been sold, following the Xbox 360/PS3, PS4/Xbox One, and PC versions of the game.

Given that Rockstar is still continuing work on GTA 5 — first released in 2013 which might as well be the dawn of time in video game years — fans are still waiting on GTA 6. As such, this new PS5 and Xbox Series X release date announcement has instead been met by fans asking when the sequel will be released.

As a result, GTA 6 started to trend, causing many to excitedly believe that an announcement had been made, only to be left disappointed:

Rockstar is still making money from GTA 5 and its bank-busting GTA Online mode, while it also continues work on Red Dead Redemption 2’s Red Dead Online. Speculation about GTA 6 has been mounting for years now, but with a PS5 and Xbox Series X release for its predecessor coming soon, it seems this cash cow still has plenty of milk left in it.

However, until GTA 6 is actually revealed, Twitter will hopefully stop dashing fans’ hopes and prohibit the unconfirmed game from trending. Please, Twitter — we can’t take it anymore.

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