Far Cry 6 gameplay leak reveals shirt-wearing alligator and adorable dog companions

There’s been a big Far Cry 6 gameplay leak several hours ahead of a Ubisoft stream that was meant to reveal more of the new Far Cry. The FC6 gameplay leak shows off numerous new features, including the first female protagonist and some wonderful animal friends. The leak shows off several crazy new Far Cry 6 animal companions, including an alligator in a shirt and the world’s most adorable (and handy) wiener dog.

What animal companions were revealed in the Far Cry 6 gameplay leak?

Far Cry 6 gameplay leak dog

The first and most important animal companion revealed in the Far Cry 6 leak is the dachshund/wiener dog, who the player rescues from an enemy soldier by pretty much cutting their head off right in front of the dog. The dog buddy appears to be carrying a toolkit, which probably has some purpose, and the little guy can be spotted in several of the leak’s fight scenes so the dog does accompany the player into battle. Yes, you can pet the dog.

Far Cry 6 gameplay leak alligator

Perhaps more eyebrow-raising is the traditional Far Cry predator companion, such as Cheeseburger the bear in Far Cry 5. In Far Cry 6 the player can be accompanied by this shirt-wearing alligator with a large gold tooth. They prove quite lethal as the player seems to be able to command the ‘gator to attack people. Yes, you can pet the alligator too.

Far Cry 6 gameplay leak horse

The final Far Cry 6 animal companion revealed is quite a significant one, as it’s the series’ first horse. The player can seemingly find horses all over the fictional Caribbean island of Yara, but this one appears to be the player’s actual companion, who presumably can be summoned at any time.

Other things of note in the Far Cry 6 leak include driveable tractors, EMP grenades, a CD gun that plays the Macarena, customizable vehicles, the return of Far Cry 2-style unique healing animations, and some third-person moments. This game will also be the first time players have been able to choose between a male and female protagonist, both of whom are voiced. There may even be a jetpack.

The proper Far Cry 6 live stream begins today at 17:30 BST/9:30 PT, which should have an even better look at the game as well as a new release date. Hopefully, players will see a few features that the series has previously been lacking too.