Far Cry 6 release date confirmed in cinematic trailer

After many leaks (that spread to other franchises, too), the Far Cry 6 release date has finally been officially confirmed. The next entry in the open-world series will come out February 18, 2021 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC through Uplay, Stadia, and the Epic Store (Steam was not mentioned). Players will get a free next gen upgrade within console families as well.

Ubisoft revealed this during its E3-esque Ubisoft Forward stream where the publisher showed off many of its games in production (but did not address the many assault accusations because the video was pre-recorded, according to Ubisoft). The trailer was pre-rendered and showed off dictator Antón Castillo talking to his son Diego (who might be Vaas) about their uprising citizens. Of course, like everything else with this game, the trailer leaked a few days ago in other languages.

We did not see gameplay, but hopefully that is coming soon. Far Cry 6 has a lot to prove, given the general decline of the series over the past couple entries.