Box art - Angry Birds Stella POP

Angry Birds Stella POP iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Larger combos give you much more points, so it's good to look for moves as high up as you can see on the screen.

keep in mind that tapping on the bubble in the sling lets you swap the color for whatever is coming up next. It costs you nothing and gives you a chance for better score.

It's all about the angles in the game so bouncing bubbles off the wall can get you combos that you couldn't reach otherwise.

Focus on bubbles, not smashing materials since they take a few bubble hits in order to break through them. Avoiding them let's you keep more shooting bubbles for what counts.

If you can use rainbow bubbles to obtain streaks. They will connect with any color bubble to create a combo.

Stella POP allows you to use time cheat. When you run out of lives, just turn time ahead about 2.5 hours and you'll have 5 lives again.