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Spider-Man Unlimited iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

The plain Spider-Man outfit you start out with nets you a 15-percent experience bonus and the Spider-Armor suit can grant you a 30-percent score increase just from running.

Each Spider-Man comes with their slate of abilities, so make sure you level up your favorites.

Standard enemies on the ground are easy enough to vanquish. Just swipe up or down when you spot ’em.

Shielded enemies are a harder to put down. They usually hold their shielding on their right side. Put ’em down just by swiping down.

Keep in mind that effect of the power up’s don’t last more than a few seconds at best. Don’t distract yourself too much by picking them up unless you have a clear shot at them.

To earn even more experience after completing the main missions start beating the blue color coded side missions and beat them with plain Spider-Man.

When you've unlocked several Spider-Man outfits, start completing those Spidey-Ops missions. The more Spider-Men you send out, the much better chance you have at successfully completing a Spidey-Ops mission.

Use your premium currency only to purchase more Spider-Men.