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Tips and Tricks

Ingredients you need to evolve gear can be obtained by completing daily dungeons.

You will need to possess the necessary materials (up to 4 ingredients) and the cost in gold to evolve items.

Keep in mind not all items can be evolved. You can easily spot an evolvable item by the empty star showing on its item card.

When your item has reached its maximum level through Fusion, you can evolve it to increase its tier. When you increase its tier, the item's maximum level will increase and it will gain magical properties.

Fusion is a system where you can increase an item's level (and therefore statistics) by "fusing" other items into it. The items used for Fusion are destroyed forever, but the item you improved gains experience, levels and grows more powerful.

Items not eligible for upgrade will not be shown in the fusion screen. Items that are equipped will not be available to use as fusion material.

The cost of Fusion depends on the base item's level and the number of items you are fusing.