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DayZ Update 1.11 Hotfix Patch Notes | Today, March 1

DayZ recently underwent a server reset, though the big 1.11 update also introduced some problems on consoles. Today — Monday, March 1, 2021 — the servers went offline to install the version 1.11.153731 hotfix. But, what’s new after the DayZ update 1.11 hotfix? Here are the complete patch notes for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One players.

DayZ Update 1.11 Patch Notes | Hotfix 1.11.153731 details

DayZ update 1.11

The DayZ console servers were down for approximately one hour at 14:00 CET today. This was intentional as developer Bohemia Interactive began rolling out the new DayZ Xbox update and PS4 console patch. Players should now be able to head back online with the DayZ 1.11 hotfix installed and the game patched to version 1.11.153731 on consoles.

Full DayZ Update 1.11 Patch Notes List | Hotfix 1.11.153731 for Xbox and PS4

  • Fixed:
    • Weapons would not spawn with attachments.
    • Players were unable to charge the truck battery using the battery charger.
    • The flag pole was refreshing bases more often than designed (every server restart).
    • Players could attach the universal flashlight to handguards without a rail.
    • The user could not switch to VSS iron sights when using PSO optics.
    • A client crash related to attachment slots on base building objects.

Community manager lynn.zaw revealed the complete list of DayZ update 1.11 hotfix patch notes (version 1.11.153731) via the official forum.

Some particularly troublesome bugs have thankfully received fixes, including the DayZ weapons won’t spawn with attachments glitch. All of the changes will help to improve quality of life and playability, which is a must following the recent DayZ server wipe.

DayZ updates like the 1.11 patch are what have helped to ensure the game’s longevity. It’s certainly come a long way since the 2013 GameRevolution preview!

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