TikTok | How to get the No Beard filter

Social media apps like TikTok allow you to use filters to change how you look. Most of these use augmented reality technology to overlay features atop your face, like full makeup or dog ears. However, there are a few that will actively remove things from your face, such as one that removes your facial hair. Such is the case with the popular no beard filter making the rounds on TikTok: It allows users to completely change how they look, oftentimes with hilarious results. However, in order to use the no beard filter on TikTok, you’ll need to find it in a separate app.

How to use the No Beard filter in TikTok

How to use the No Beard filter in TikTok

The no beard filter seen in TikTok videos isn’t native to TikTok. Instead, it comes from Snapchat. Thankfully, you can find and use the filter on Snapchat, then import the resulting no beard effects into TikTok.

That’s right: You can’t remove your facial hair with a TikTok filter, at least not yet. Still, since social media apps are so closely intertwined, it is at least possible to adapt photos and videos from one service into the other. In this case, you first need to find and use the filter on Snapchat. After that, you can save and then import your creation to TikTok before sharing it with the rest of the world. For those keeping count, this is roughly the same way the recent Ted Talk filter craze worked.

Find the No Beard filter in Snapchat

The first step requires you to load up Snapchat and locate the no beard filter. After that, you can use it to take the photo or video you want to share on TikTok.

  1. Open Snapchat, then from the camera page, tap the Effects button (the wide-grinning smiley)
  2. In the lower menu bar, tap the Explore button
  3. From the search bar up top, type in “no beard”
  4. Tap on the filter titled “no beard” (without capital letters) — it’s the one with a blue slash atop a black beard
  5. Use the no beard filter to record a photo or video
  6. Finally, tap the download icon in the lower-left to save your photo or video your camera roll

Import the No Beard filter effect to TikTok

Once you’ve created your photo or video with the no beard filter, you’re ready to share it on TikTok.

  1. Open TikTok, then tap on the Plus (+) icon
  2. Tap on Upload, then select your photo or video
  3. Tap Next, then add any additional effects if desired
  4. Choose where to share your photo or video, then tap Post.

It takes a little extra effort to use the no beard filter on TikTok, but it’s not difficult. The only real requirement is that you also have Snapchat. Simply search for and use the no beard filter, then save your creation to your camera roll. After that, you can share it on TikTok or just about any social media app you like.