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Loop Hero | How to beat the Lich first boss

The first boss in Loop Hero is the Lich, a celestial being who hits incredibly hard for such an early stage of the game. Learning how to beat the first boss can therefore be difficult, as the Lich packs an almighty punch that can swiftly decimate your health if you’re not careful. However, there is an easier way to defeat this tricky enemy.

Here’s how to beat the first boss in Loop Hero.

How to beat the Lich in Loop Hero

Step 1: Choose the best deck

loop hero how to beat first boss lich

It is essential that you take a good deck with you on your quest to beat the Lich. The three essential cards to take him down are Oblivion, Grove, and Blood Grove. Oblivion will help you take down the Lich Palace tiles that increase his strength, while the Grove cards can transform into Hungry Grove, an area of effect that will kill enemies below 20% health.

Here’s the deck of cards you’ll need to defeat the Lich:

  • Grove
  • Blood Grove
  • Oblivion
  • Village
  • Wheat Fields
  • Spider Cocoon
  • Vampire Mansion
  • Battle Field
  • Road Lantern
  • Rock
  • Meadow
  • Treasure

Cards such as Village will let you restore health, Spider Cocoon and Vampire Mansion both spawn enemies that are relatively easy to take down as opposed to the Cemetary, while Battle Field gives you a valuable chest each loop.

Step 2: Surround your camp and use Oblivion

loop hero how to beat lich

The Lich Palace tiles are the Lich’s biggest strength, as each tile will increase his health and damage by 5%. When the Lich spawns at your camp, any unoccupied tiles surrounding it will become Palace tiles, meaning that you need to prevent this from happening as much as possible.

To do this, place cards around the path of your camp to block the Lich Palace from eventually spawning there. The Battle Field card is great for this, as it will spawn a chest near your camp rather than enemies.

Additionally, Oblivion cards can destroy the Lich Palace tiles with ease, so you’ll want to ensure that you keep them in your hand when you receive them. You can’t store more than 12 cards in your hand at any time, so make sure that your Oblivion cards won’t be discarded by laying down helpful cards such as Meadows and Mountains when you receive them.

Step 3: Increase evasion

Evasion is undoubtedly the best stat to boost in your battle against the Lich. As his attacks deal a whopping 174 HP, any chance you get to evade them is worthwhile. Equipped with enough damage-dealing equipment, Evasion at anything above 30% gives you a good shot at taking him down.

Evasion and counterattacks should also be prioritized in the talents you choose. While these are randomized so you can’t guarantee which talents you’ll be able to pick from, Somersault is an excellent choice if you unlock it. This talent gives you a 35% chance of performing a counterattack during an evade, so if you manage to pick it up, also look to invest some time into improving your counterattack stat.

Step 4: Create a Hungry Grove

how to beat loop hero first boss lich

Finally, build a Hungry Grove near your campfire. This is built by using a tile combination of Grove, Blood Grove, and Oblivion, with the end result being a series of tiles that will devour enemies if they reach below 20% health.

To build a Hungry Grove, place a Grove on one of the tiles next to your campfire, and then a Blood Grove adjacent to it. Next, use an Oblivion card to destroy the Grove and create a Hungry Grove in its wake.

Note that all Grove cards near a Blood Grove will need to be destroyed in order for the Hungry Grove to be created, so only build one Grove next to your campfire to ensure that you will only need to use one Oblivion card.

After carrying out all of the above, you will be able to beat the first boss in Loop Hero. The Lich will have his health and damage reduced due to the lack of Palace tiles, he will find it more difficult to attack you due to your high evasion stats, and after falling below 20% health he will immediately die.

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