Trading 212 ‘Order Rejected’ message | Why can’t I buy stock?

The Trading 212 “Order Rejected” message is never a welcome sight for users of the trading app to see. This is especially true when buying new stock at market open time when the price can quickly skyrocket, as most recently seen with Roblox (RBLX). The “Your order BUY X was rejected” can mean the difference between buying for a nice low price and a high price. Here’s why Trading 212 orders are being rejected and how users can fix the error.

Why is my Trading 212 order rejected?

Trading 212 Order Rejected message

A Trading 212 order can be rejected for a number of reasons:

  • There’s no longer enough money in the account to make the purchase.
  • A technical issue is preventing stock from being sold within the app.
  • Trading 212 is intentionally limiting stock sales for some reason.
  • An issue with the decimal number.
    • A quick fix for this is to try fewer decimal places for the number of shares being bought.

For more information on Trading 212 issues, it’s best to monitor the official Twitter page. This is where current problems are usually explained.

How to fix the Trading 212 “Order Rejected” error

To fix the Trading 212 “Order Rejected” error message, the only option is to keep trying to buy.

Pending orders will be listed below the stock being bought, so it’s easy to monitor when a transaction has gone through.

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