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How to get the Genshin Impact beta sign up in the 1.5 update

The Genshin Impact beta sign up will let players test out the 1.5 update that should be out around April 28, given that the next update is slated for March 17. There is usually a six-week separate between the updates and betas. But this beta isn’t available to anyone as players have to opt in to it. Here’s how to get the Genshin Impact 1.5 beta sign up.

How to sign up for the Genshin Impact 1.5 beta

How to get the Genshin Impact beta sign up in the 1.5 update

To sign up for the Genshin Impact beta, players simply need to use the application found on the game’s Discord server. It’s just a Google Docs form that can be found here. The document asks players a few questions like their rank, in-game UID, server, age, email address, Discord name, adventure rank, country, and how long they intend to test the beta for. It asks for platforms, too, as it rules out PS4 players. It seems like mobile and PC owners are the only ones able to try to the beta. While it may seem shady to answer these questions, here’s a screen shot of the form link from the Discord channel (which is hard to see since the server is full).

It’s not clear what miHoYo is looking for so it’s probably best to be honest as the team might want a range of players in the beta, not just the most hardcore. The document also implies that players will have to sign an NDA so be sure to not leak anything while in the beta. miHoYo also did not say when players can expect to hear back, if at all. It is likely that many will not actually get into the beta. But given how the form asks for a UID, it means that being a part of the game’s forums will up the possibility of getting into the beta. So sign up for those forums and hope that is enough.