Box art - Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 – Best Weapons for Each Class Guide

Killing Floor 2 has a large sum of weapons, so you may feel overwhelmed when you head to the Trader to spend your money. After all, the price of each weapon doesn’t necessarily denote how powerful it is. Below are the weapons you want to aim for with each class.

All Classes

HMTech-101 Pistol (Field Medic): This weapon allows you to heal teammates from range. It has a pool of 100 energy that regenerates over time, and with a middle button click you can heal someone for 50 energy. It also serves as a fantastic sidearm, only costing one weight and £200.


Pulverizer: Don’t bother with the more expensive Eviscerator. The Pulverizer is easier to handle and more capable. Its primary attack serves as a combo-able melee attack that benefits from the Berserker’s passive bonus. Secondary fire adds a high-damage explosive attribute which requires ammunition. Use secondary fire against larger enemies and just stick to primary fire for easier foes. Make sure to carry a dependable sidearm for when you need to distance yourself from an enemy.


Kalashnikov AK12: The more costly SCAR-H Assault Rifle might pack more of a punch, but magazine size is an absolutely vital element to a weapon’s attribute in Killing Floor 2, and the Kalashnikov holds 10 more rounds. At £1100 you get a weapon that does 35 damage and has the most user-friendly sight in the game. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any penetration, so you may want to pick up a shotgun if you have extra funds.


AA-12 Auto Shotgun: This is one of the better weapons in the game, and certainly the Support’s greatest. It might cost £1500, but it’s worth every penny. It packs a significant punch at 25 damage with 2 penetration. Despite being a shotgun it holds 20 rounds in its magazine, with 60 extra to spare. It is the ultimate weapon for getting in close and slaughtering big foes. Its only weakness is that you can easily run out of shells if you don’t moderate its usage. So, make sure to carry a secondary firearm for easier enemies.

Field Medic

HMTech-201 SMG: The Field Medic’s second least expensive weapon is its best. It is more accurate than its Assault Rifle cousin, has a larger magazine, and a staggering magazine capacity of 40. If you can save up, also pick up the HMTECH-301 Shotgun for its penetration.