How to fix Disney Plus Error Code 73

Disney Plus is the new hotness in video streaming, but the app itself still has a few bugs to work out. One of the more persistent issues is error code 73, a problem that occurs when the software thinks you’re in an unsupported location. Thankfully, Disney Plus error code 73 can usually be fixed with a few simple checks of your home network and streaming devices.

Disney Plus | What is Error Code 73?

Disney Plus - What is Error Code 73?

Disney Plus error code 73 appears when attempting to launch the app in regions where the service is unavailable. Sometimes the error is legit: After all, Disney Plus isn’t available in all territories. Other times, code 73 appears due to incorrect or misrepresented network locations, like when running the app through a VPN.

Whenever Disney Plus is launched, the app performs a check to determine your location. Basically, the software needs to know that you’re someplace where the service itself is supported. If you aren’t, you’ll see an error message saying that you may not be able to access Disney Plus in your current location.

With that said, chances are good that if you’re trying to sign in, you already live in a location where Disney Plus is available. As such, error code 73 appears due to a disagreement between your actual location and the location reported by your streaming device. In many cases, this is caused by a virtual private network (VPN) that routes your internet traffic through various global locations.

Disney Plus | How to fix Error Code 73

Disney Plus Error Code 73 - How to fix

Here are some simple solutions to fix Disney Plus error code 73:

  1. Restart your streaming device or mobile phone. You’d be surprised how often this fixes the problem
  2. Turn on your phone or tablet’s location services. The Disney Plus app needs this function to verify your location
  3. Disable your VPN, assuming you have one set up
  4. Power cycle your modem and/or router
  5. Finally, try launching Disney Plus on another device to rule out hardware incompatibility

VPNs are particularly problematic, as they’re likely to cause incongruence between your actual location and reported location. However, it’s technically possible to set up a VPN in order to trick the system into thinking you’re in a supported location. Of course, this won’t be necessary if you live in one of the Disney Plus supported territories.

Still, the final step here may be the most important. For example, if Disney Plus launches on your smart TV but won’t run on your Fire Stick, the Fire Stick is to blame. However, if the service won’t launch anywhere in your home, there’s probably something funky going on with your ISP’s location services. In those cases, you’ll need to contact your internet service provider directly, or open up a ticket with Disney Plus customer support.

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