Stardew Valley: How to get Large Milk and Eggs

Getting Large Milk and Large Eggs in Stardew Valley is highly desirable. These items do not only sell for more; they also more health and energy when consumed. However, it’s not immediately apparent how to make cows and chickens produce these superior products (just like it’s not apparent how to use fish bait). Fortunately, it’s relatively simple to do.

How to get Large Milk and Large Eggs in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Large Egg Large Milk

As long as players feed their adult cows and chickens and pet them each day, they’ll almost always produce eggs and milk daily. However, doing the bare essentials isn’t enough in Stardew Valley. To get animals to produce the best goods, players need to try to get max friendship and mood stats for all their cows and chickens.

Players can check their friendship level with cows and chickens but right-clicking them after petting them. Friendship is rated in a five heart system and is pretty easy to raise.

Actions that raise friendship:

  • Pet an animal
  • Milk a cow
  • Let a cow eat grass outside

Actions that lower friendship:

  • Not fed for the day
  • Stuck outside overnight
  • Not talked to or pet
  • This means that chickens are relatively easy to deal with. Just pet and feed them each day, and they’ll eventually max out.

Cows are a bit more fickle. Getting them to max mood doesn’t take long, but it’s a lot easier to lower their mood as well.

Things that raise mood:

  • Animal has been fed.
  • Petting (double effect for Shepherds and Coopmasters)
  • Let animal eat grass outside.
  • (Winter only) Animal is outside in an area with a heater.

Things that lower mood:

  • Animal not fed
  • Animal not pet
  • Animal is left outside in the rain or during winter without a heater.
  • Animal is left outside after 7 pm
  • Animal slept outside

Players can tell when animals are at max mood by the message given when they’re right-clicked. If it says, “(animal) looks really happy today!” then they’re at or near max mood.

Once animals are at max friendship and mood, they’ll begin to produce higher quality products and Deluxe and Large Eggs and Milk. As long as players continue to ensure the animals are happy, they’ll continue to have a chance to produce Large Eggs and Large Milk each day.