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Is there a Returnal Xbox Series X|S release date?

Sony is marketing the upcoming release of Returnal on PS5. Of course, that has Xbox fans wondering if the game is actually multiplatform or a full PlayStation exclusive. So, is there a Returnal Xbox Series X|S release date coming up? Here’s the latest on developer Housemarque’s new shooter.

Is Returnal coming to Xbox Series X|S?

Returnal Xbox Series X|S

Even just a few days before launch, Returnal remains somewhat of a mystery. Players haven’t seen all that much of the game in action, though cautious excitement is still simmering away. Most gamers know the developer, Housemarque, for creating immaculate arcade-style titles like Resogun and Nex Machina. Returnal sees the studio set loose with a AAA budget for the first time, which could result in something special.

Returnal is launching Friday, March 19, 2021, on PS5 as a platform exclusive. Currently, there are no known plans to release a Returnal Xbox Series X|S version in the future. Sony Interactive Entertainment is publishing the game under the PlayStation Studios umbrella, which indicates that a Returnal Xbox Series X|S release date isn’t likely to happen anytime soon.

Stranger things have happened in the games industry, of course, though it probably isn’t worth holding out much hope. Neither the aforementioned Nex Machina nor Resogun ever made their way to Xbox One. Sony doesn’t own Housemarque, but the companies do have a long working relationship. Typically, Housemarque titles remain PlayStation console exclusives.

Although Xbox Series X and Series S owners may miss out on playing Returnal, there are still some exciting Xbox console exclusives on the way. In the future, Bethesda games will be exclusive following Xbox manufacturer Microsoft’s acquisition of Zenimax.

Additionally, a massive list of 20 Bethesda games recently joined Xbox Game Pass. Active subscribers can now play more than a dozen classics at no additional cost, spread across Xbox, PC, and Android via xCloud.