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Stardew Valley: How to get Rainbow Shell

There are loads of useful items hiding around the world of Stardew Valley. Some are hard to find, others are rare, and a few items — such as the Rainbow Shell — manage to be a bit of both. This colorful carapace is not only used to craft a unique clothing item, but it can also be used to dye other clothes to any color you like. Here’s how to get a Rainbow Shell either by quests, foraging, or as a random gift.

How to get a Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley

How to get a Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley

The easiest way to get a Rainbow Shell in Stardew Valley is to find one on the beach during Summer. During other seasons, it’s possible to buy a Rainbow Shell from the Traveling Cart, or have one spawn from a Rainbow Trout fish pond.

Of the available option, foraging is the easiest. You’ll need to poke around the beach south of Stardew Valley during the Summer season specifically. Look for a small shell with a blueish green hue. They don’t appear very often, but when they do, they should stick out.

Depending on how high your relationship levels are, it’s also possible to receive a Rainbow Shell as a gift. Once your friendship has been established, Demetrius will occasionally send gifts in the mail. There’s a small chance of his gift being the shell. If you don’t mind a little save scumming, it’s possible to re-load your save after receiving a parcel from Demetrius until the shell appears. Otherwise, one could be given as a random gift during the Feast of the Winter Star.

If you’re hoping to farm for Rainbow Shells, you’ll want to set up a Rainbow Trout fish pond. As long as you have at least nine Rainbow Trout in your pond, there’s a two percent chance that a Rainbow Shell will spawn every day. Plus, you can still fish for trout in order to craft some of the game’s better recipes.

So why would you want a Rainbow Shell? As it turns out, it’s one of the best items you can use to dye clothing. Unlike other dye pots at Emily’s sewing machine, this shell allows players to choose any color they like. It’s also used to craft the standard Bikini Top, the perfect Summer item for farmers voyaging out to Ginger Island.