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Apex Legends Code Truck Error: Out of sync with server fix

Encountering the Apex Legends Code Truck error can be frustrating. The message that accompanies the error, “Out of sync with server,” doesn’t tell a player anything useful to fix the problem. For those trying to find out the cause of Code Truck in Apex Legends, and possible fixes, read on below.

How to fix Apex Legends Code Truck error

Apex Legends Code Truck Error Message

There’s no definitive answer for what causes Code Truck to appear in Apex Legends. “Out of with server” is just a generic connectivity message and doesn’t help diagnose the issue.

Apex Legends players first started seeing the Code Truck error when the Holo-Day Bash update launched in December. However, since then, it’s appeared again for more than one player. There’s no real correlation between those the issue effects aside from it occurring when a player attempts to launch the game, so there’s not much to go on.

It seems like the Code Truck error occurs when there’s a problem with the servers. So, there’s usually nothing players can do on their side to fix the issue. When a user encounters this error, the best thing to do is to keep an eye on the Apex Legends server status and the official Twitter.

If the servers are up and other players aren’t complaining about error codes, there are a few fixes that may fix Code Truck if something happens to be on the user’s end. The most obvious is to verify the game’s files on Steam or Origin. The error could be caused by a corrupted file or a version mismatch, and this should fix both those issues.

Players should also check the status of their home networks if Code Truck persists. Resetting modems and routers, checking NAT type, and ensuring ports are being properly forwarded are all things to look at when facing an issue like this.