The Evil Within: The Consequence PS4 Cheats


A Real Hero - Save Sebastian's life in the hotel. (Ch. 4) - Bronze

Becoming an Agent - Collect all Personnel Files in The Consequence. - Bronze

Fumbling in the Dark - Turn on the generator using no more than 10 chemical lights. (Ch. 3) - Bronze

It's All Your Fault - Collect all Research Documents in The Consequence. - Silver

None More Dark - Clear The Consequence in KURAYAMI Mode. - Silver

Stick to the Script - Defeat Ruvik before the final showdown in The Consequence. (Ch. 4) - Bronze

There Will Not Be Blood - Get through the hotel without being spotted or killing any enemies. (Ch. 4) - Bronze

Things Fall Apart (secret) - Clear Chapter 3, "Illusions". - Bronze

This is Just the Beginning - Complete the hidden letter in The Consequence. - Bronze

Where Do We Go From Here? (secret) - Clear Chapter 4, "A Ghost is Born". - Silver