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It Takes Two: Should I choose to play as Cody or May?

It Takes Two lets players choose between two characters, with them assuming the role of either Cody or May. This mother-and-father co-op duo each have their own part to play in Hazelight Studio’s platforming adventure, but which one should you pick?

Here’s which character to choose between Cody and May in It Takes Two.

Cody or May: Which character to play as in It Takes Two

it takes two cody or may character select

Cody and May both control the same, though they will be given different tasks to carry out as It Takes Two progresses. Throughout each chapter, players will be given a variety of equipment to control that will be locked to one character. For instance, in the early stages of the game, Cody will be given nails that he can throw at specific areas that May can then use to swing across with her hammer.

The key difference between Cody and May is that the former’s abilities are mostly strategic, whereas the latter’s are more explosive and aggressive. Typically, Cody is the character in charge of keeping both players moving, whereas May is in charge of taking down enemies.

Without spoiling the game, there are vehicular sections where Cody is in the driver’s seat, whereas May adopts the role of gunner. Similarly, there is weaponry the duo handle where Cody must lay down the explosives that May ultimately explodes.

So should you play as Cody or May in It Takes Two? We’d recommend that more experienced players take on the role of Cody, given that he’s often the character that facilitates May’s actions. May is ideal for a less experienced player, as she is often in charge of blowing stuff up and is given the slightly less complex tasks.

However, that’s not to say that either character is too difficult — Hazelight makes sure to keep its level of difficulty low and will be accessible for most players, so if you want to play one particular character over the other, you needn’t worry that you’re going to be in over your head. You’ll safely be able to navigate through the game if you have a modicum of video game experienced, as noted by director Josef Fares in our preview.

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